Auto Headliner Repair in Houston, TX

One of the most common problems that many late-model cars endure is a sagging headliner. The team at Cy Fair Upholstery & Glass specializes in auto headliner repair in Houston, TX. Is the headliner in your vehicle sagging? Whether it needs to be tacked up or completely restored, you can count on our technicians to restore your headliner to showroom-ready condition.

About Auto Headliners

An auto headliner is the composite material that lines the interior roof of your vehicle. It consists of fabric that is affixed to melted polyurethane foam that is then glued to the inside of the fiberglass roof. Over the years, this foam backing can disintegrate, leaving behind a nasty dust residue that builds up and causes the fabric to drop loose from the headliner board.

If a fabric headliner comes loose, it can be quite problematic for the driver. Not only is it unsightly, but depending on its severity, it can also block a substantial portion of the driver’s peripheral vision. When you turn to our trained technicians for headliner repair, our technicians will quickly restore your torn or sagging headliner to like-new condition, so you can get back behind the wheel unencumbered and in style.

Auto Headliners in Houston, TX

Restoring Your Interior with Custom HeadlinerS

Our auto shop is proud to offer a wide range of top-quality fabrics to line car and truck roofs. Whether you want a complex knit or non-woven fabric, you are sure to find a selection that suits your stylistic preference and budget when you browse our impressive of materials. In addition, our fabric choices come in a wide variety of colors, so no matter what the color of your interior, you can coordinate your new headliner with your upholstery and trim.

Do you need comprehensive headliner repair or just foam replacement? In addition to headliner treatments, we also offer custom interior and trim work. Our highly skilled technicians will repair and restore any trim panels and weather stripping in your vehicle. Whether we’re performing headliner or trim work, our team listens carefully to your needs and uses your choice of our top-quality fabrics to ensure your upholstery or trim meets your request.

Whatever your needs, you can rest assured that our team will have your vehicle’s interior restored in just one day. Our auto headliner repair team is committed to providing every customer that comes to our shop with effective, efficient service. Bring your car or truck to our shop for interior work and it will be ready to roll out looking as good as new in just a day.

Add Custom Features to Your Interior

Though the majority of our work involves headliner repair, our versatile automotive technicians are also capable of revamping other aspects of your interior. First and foremost, our job is to ensure that your vehicle rolls out of our shop looking as good as new, if not better. We provide exceptional customer service each time we restore an interior. That’s why our auto headliner repair team is committed to meeting our customers’ needs any way that they see fit.

Are there lighting, storage, or multimedia features that you'd like to add to your interior as well? At your request, our specialists are prepared to work with you to create a custom center console that includes your choice of lighting, additional storage, media screens, and even DVD players. No matter what you have in mind, our dedicated technicians will work with you to bring your automotive interior vision to life right before your eyes.

Contact our technicians for a free estimate or stop by our shop to browse our impressive selection of liner material samples. Be sure to ask about our weekly specials. We proudly serve customers throughout the greater Houston area, including the surrounding areas of Cypress, Jersey Village, Tomball, Spring, and the Woodlands, Texas.

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